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Geophysical Services LLC (Established 1985)

A geophysical service company

Geophysical Services LLC (formally Fromm Applied Technology) travels throughout the United States providing personal hands on geophysical services. Many United States based companies, along with state and federal agencies, like the direct, hands on approach. Many clients choose Geophysical Services LLC for geophysical services over other companies.

Geophysical surveys for

Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW)
Electrical Resistivity Imaging or Tomography
Concrete Scanning X-Ray
Electrical Power and Transmission Line Facilities
Engineering (non-environmental)
Forensic Science
Ground Vibration Monitoring
Magnetic Susceptibility
Real Estate Assessments
Underground Storage Tanks UST
Private utilities and buried metal cables and pipes
Levee Design
Levee Mapping
Environmental Landfills
Drum Burials
Agricultural Geophysics Graves
Shear Wave Surveys
Wind Farms
Frac Sand Exploration
Sand and Gravel Exploration

Regions serviced

United States, Canada, Birmingham, Alabama, Phoenix, Arizona, Little Rock, Arkansas, San Jose, California, San Bernardino, California, Denver, Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Tampa, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, Aurora, Illinois, Indianapolis, Indiana, Des Moines, Iowa, Wichita, Kansas, Louisville, Kentucky, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Baltimore, Maryland, Boston, Massachusetts, Detroit, Michigan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jackson, Mississippi, Kansas City, Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri, Omaha, Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, Las Vegas, Nevada, Albuquerque, New Mexico, New York, New York, Buffalo, New York, Charlotte, North Carolina, Raleigh, North Carolina, Cleveland, Ohio, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Portland, Oregon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Providence, Rhode Island, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Nashville, Tennessee, Memphis, Tennessee, Houston, Texas, Dallas, Texas, Salt Lake City, Utah, Norfolk, Virginia, Seattle, Washington, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Madison, Wisconsin.


OhmMapper Resistivity

OhmMapper Resistivity


Detailed Grid for Geophysical Services

Detailed Grid for Geophysical Services


Geophysical Services Using a Geonics EM31

Geophysical Services Using a Geonics EM31



Geophysical equipment and services

Electrical Resistivity Tomography, Profiling, and Soundings

Electrical Resistivity Imaging AGI SuperSting R8 with 84 electrode array
Capacitance Coupled Electrical Resistivity With Geometrics OhmMapper
Resistivity Soundings (AGI SuperSting, MiniSting, and Swift R1)
Induced Polarization IP (AGI SuperSting, MiniSting, and Swift R1)
Self potential SP

Electromagnetic Instruments

Frequency Domain EM

Geonics EM38 terrain conductivity meter (more or less 0.5 to 5 feet of penetration)
Geonics EM31 terrain conductivity meter (more or less 2 to 20 feet of penetration)
Geonics EM34 terrain conductivity meter (more or less 25 to 200 feet of penetration)

Time Domain EM

EM Time Domain TDEM (Geonics Protem or G-TEM Receiver with
TEM47, TEM57, or TEM67 Transmitters). Depth of penetration is 5 to 1000’s of feet.
EM Geonics EM61 (Deep penetrating commercial metal detector).

Miscellaneous Geophysical Methods

Sub-bottom Profiling (Freshwater inland lakes, rivers, channels, harbors, and reservoirs)
Magnetic Surveys or Magnetometry (Geometrics G858 and G856)
Line Locators (Dynatel, Pipehorn, Aquatronics, SubSurface Instruments, Fischer, and Radiotronics)
Metal Detectors (More or less for hobbyists)
Magnetic Susceptibility (Geonics EM38, Geonics EM31, and Terraplus KT-10)
Sonar, Fathometer, or Depth Finder For Fishing
Infrared Photography and Thermal Infrared Photography
ThermalResistivity Probe
Very Low Frequency ( VLF ) Resistivity

Seismic Methods and Instruments

MASW (Active MASW, Passive MASW, 1-D Profiling, and 2-D Cross-sections)
Seismic Reflection
Seismic Refraction
Seismic Shear Wave Surface to Borehole or Surface to Surface
Crosshole seismics (Ballard borehole source and Geostuff geophones)
Ground Vibration Monitor (Instantel Minimate, Blastmate, and Micromate)

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GPR Sensors & Software 25 MHz, 50 MHz, 100 MHz, 200 MHz, 500 MHz pulseEKKO
GPR Sensors & Software 250 MHz and 500 MHz Noggin Systems
GPR Sensors & Software 1000 MHz pulseEKKO, Noggin, or Conquest

Borehole Tools (Mostly Mount Sopris Tools)

Optical Borehole Imager OBI40-2G
Acoustic Televiewer QL40-ABI-2G
Natural Gamma and SP SPR 16 64” Normal Resistivity
Electrical Resistivity Probe IP and 4-point Resis QL40-ELOG
Normal Resistivity 8/16/32/64″
Gamma SP SPR Probe 40LGR-1000
Fluid Conductivity and Temperature QL40-FTC
3 Arm Caliper QL40-CAL
Geonics EM39 (borehole) Induction 2PIA-1000
Full Waveform Sonic 2SAA-1000 QL40-FWS
Spectral Gamma 2SNA-1000S QL40-SGR
Impeller Spinner Flowmeter FLP-2492 QL40-SFM
Heat Pulse Flowmeter HFP-2293 Probe
Magnetic Susceptibility (borehole) QL40-HM
Magnetometer (borehole)
Deviation QL40-DEV
GPR (borehole)
Ballard Source and Geostuff Geophones


You can reach us at

Geophysical Services LLC (primary address)
PO Box 309
Mequon, WI 53092
Telephone No.: 262-242-4280

Have a great day.


Major truck lines, rail, and bus services provide ground transportation while airlines provide regional air transportation.


The office and shop provides 2500 sq. ft. of space for state of the geophysical equipment, geophysical testing, electronic repair, a machine shop, and vehicle and equipment storage.