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Locating Deep Facilities Using ERI, EM, MASW, pulseEKKO Ultra GPR, and Magnetometers for Buried Cables Voids Pipes

Introduction to Locating Deep Facilities In the field of geophysics, well established instruments are used to detect and map underground conditions to locate deep facilities and other buried features. These instruments include Geonics EM31 and EM34 electromagnetic terrain conductivity meters, AGI's SuperSting R8 resistivity console, Geometrics Geode and accessories for MASW, Sensors & Software's pulseEKKO [...]

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Geophysics for voids under buildings, floors, foundations, parking lots, and factories

Use geophyics (GPR, MASW, EM, ERI, magnetometers, and line locators) Geophysics can assist with characterizing voids and unstable soil conditions. Over time, voids can form under foundations, buildings, and parking lots. These spaces and adjacent unstable local conditions are often created by epikarst activity, collapsing sinkholes, erosion, and flowing water. These voids can cause dangerous [...]

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Geophysical Services Conducted. A Short List of Clients, Landfills, Government Sites, and Locations.

Who uses Geophysical Services LLC Geophysical Services LLC travels throughout the United States (mines, landfill, industrial sites, etc.) providing personal hands on geophysical services. Many United States based companies along with state and federal agencies like the direct hands on approach. Many clients choose Geophysical Services LLC over local service companies. Partial List of Clients [...]

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Chart Comparing 57 Geophysical Methods With 17 Applications and Disciplines

Chart of who is using geophysical methods and for what This chart is based on over thirty years of experience in conducting near surface geophysical surveys. The list is compiled from common uses for geophysical methods and is cross referenced with a list of geophysical equipment. Geophysical instruments that are considered less common are not [...]

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Less Common Near Surface Geophysical Equipment

Less Common Near Surface Geophysical Equipment The title “Less Common Near Surface Geophysical Equipment” is the shortest version of what I could name this discussion. The problem is that people from other disciplines or people who explore spatially large regions frequently use these instruments. These instruments are common to them. One needs to keep in [...]

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NAICS and SIC Codes for Geophysical Surveying and Mapping Services

NAICS Code 541360 Geophysical Surveying and Mapping Services, primary code. Industry sectors NAICS and SIC Codes for Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services NAICS SIC Codes for Hazardous Waste Description of activities This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in gathering, interpreting, and mapping geophysical data. Establishments in this industry often specialize in locating and [...]

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Geophysics and Geophysical Services From Archives and Old Posts

Questions and answers about geophysical services from 35 select archives Geophysics is not for everyone and is project dependent. Over the years, many people submitted questions and comments about what they wanted to investigate. As you will see, some ideas were good and some ideas needed more discussion. To find out more about geophysical methods, [...]

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